Truck and Diesel Engine Repair

Truck Engine Repair Services

Cars & Trucks Engines 4Less is the number one destination for remanufactured engine ,installations, electrical repairs, and diagnostics for our truck customers. We know how to get the best performance out of your truck! We’re an experienced shop serving Miami-Dade County, FL, for over 10 years, with abilities that span all major systems of your truck. From minor maintenance to major truck repair, we keep your rig rolling smoothly along the roads of South Florida.

Diesel Engines

We have and can  completely remanufacture diesel engines. From Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax; offering installation for Cummins and Duramax. With our in-house machine shop with the latest machinery and advanced tech expertise, we can ensure a quality product and a satisfied client.

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Programmers & Tuners

For some, stock performance is all well and fine… but others want more from their truck. The solution? Aftermarket programmers and tuners. If you want to get the best possible performance and fuel economy from your truck, we can help. Let us install a tuner that’s make and model specific! We’ll make sure your truck is in a class of its own when it comes to fuel economy, torque and performance metrics.

Engine Building

Few shops in Miami, FL have the ability to perform custom engine work—let along brand-new engine builds. At Cars & Trucks Engines 4Less, engine work is a big part of what we do! Our abilities can be put to work on a performance build that’s completely custom to your truck. We’ll help you get the most out of your machine, on the back of an engine that’s finely-tuned and perfectly programmed to meet your expectations.


Transmission issues don’t mean the death of your truck—not with a good transmission mechanic on the job. At our shop, we handle complete tranny services, from full rebuilds to minor repairs and flushes. Your truck’s transmission is in good hands with us. We can also install performance valve bodies, shift kits, torque converters, solenoids, larger pans, transmission coolers and auxiliary filters, for next-level performance.


Turbocharging your truck is as easy as bringing it to Cars & Trucks Engines 4Less. We know our way around a turbo kit and can modify any engine for optimal performance. Our mechanics will install a wide variety of single and compound turbos, as well as wastegates, boost controllers, intercoolers, intake and exhaust manifolds. The next time you hit the gas, expect your truck to respond with a power you never knew was possible.

Diesel Injectors

Our specialist can rebuild mechanical injectors in our repair shop. We use the latest tools and information provided to us by the original fuel injection equipment manufacturer. Rebuilding injectors is more than just cleaning and replacing seals and gaskets; the nozzles are replaced, the sealing surfaces are lapped, and opening pressures are set in addition to the seals and gaskets.

You will be assured that your injectors pass factory-authorized testing or that they failed and must be replaced.

Diesel Injection Pump

We are a full service diesel fuel injection business. That means we can repair, rebuild, or replace almost all diesel injection pumps, diesel injectors, and turbos that are out there. We will inspect your pump, injectors, or turbo and then provide an estimate to repair, rebuild, or replace your component. We also offer remanufactured exchange units as well as in-house rebuilt exchange units. We stress quality parts, repair, and service.


For more information about any of our engine machine shop services or capabilities, truck and diesel engine repair, or auto repair, please consult with one of our experienced professionals today by calling 305-879-4786.

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